Action priority is the order in which abilities/actions are performed by a unit (if applicable)

  • 1. Bone Heap (if this triggers, it skips all subsequent actions)
  • 2. Hero's Bane, Thunderbolt, Cure, or Thunderclap
  • 3. Unit creation abilities
  • 4. Immolation and Regeneration (healing first)
  • 5. Movement
  • 6. Forestall and First Strike (if unit attacks enemy with these abilities)
  • 7. Attacking
    • Vengeful Curse status effect and Vampirism occur simultaneously to benefit the attacker. (If attacker has 4/3 Vampirism and is afflicted with Vengeful Curse, it will survive)
    • If the attacker has a damage reflection, and the target's Forestall or First Strike occurred, the reflected damage hits here as well
  • 8. Special retaliation (e.g Static Shield)
  • 9. Counterattack
  • 10. Ember, Decay, and poisons hit here
  • 11. If a unit was summoned via unit creation, that unit acts immediately after, starting at 4. (not to be confused with unit resurrection where the unit starts the next turn.)
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