Awakened is the final evolution for cards. Compared to Godlike cards, Awakened are known for having elevated stats and also, in some cases, having improved or reworked abilities, all while retaining the cooldown of their lower level equivalents.

Currently, all version 1.0 and 1.5 creature cards can be awakened. 32 skills currently have awakened versions.

Awakening Items Edit

Awakened Fragments are used to enhance Non-Elite (e.g Templar, Squire). You need 99 Awakened Fragments of the same class as the card you are trying to enhance to Awakened, as well as ~3.3 million silver (unless you sacrifice godlike cards to lower the silver cost).

Black Opals
Black Opal
Black Opal
Type: Item
Rank: Godlike
Required for enhancing Awakened rank cards.
Sell price:  10000 Silver
are used to enhance Elite cards (e.g Augustus, Elke) and skills. Enhancing with a Black Opal requires only the Black Opal, no silver is required. You can only enhance Godlike version Elite cards.

Awakened fragments can ONLY enhance Non-Elite and Black Opal can only enhance Elite and skills. Awakened fragments cannot be combined to make a Black Opal.

Appearance Edit

While non-Elite cards will retain their original appearances, Elite and Skill cards will acquire new artwork when they are Awakened.

Locked Cards Edit

Currently, locked cards (indicated by a small "Locked" icon below the race banner) cannot be upgraded to Awakened quality. Be aware of this if you intend to upgrade a locked card to Godlike prior to Awakening it.

Notes Edit

Awakened were introduced in Version 1.7. Several players have stated that they thought the Awakened cards, or even the entire 1.7 update was meant for p2w players, though Gamefuse was prudent in disbanding these claims. Though it is true the 1.7 update featured some p2w content awakeners can still be purchased by free-playing gamers.

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