Battle Abbess
Version 1.1-1.3
Race Human normal icon Human
Type Priest
Damage Type Holy Holy
Left Arrow

With high health and healing, and a countdown that renders her immune to Deadly Blow, the Battle Abbess lives up to her name. On summon, she begins healing your units to increase their battle strength, and with time she soon becomes you battle strength, dealing escalating and irreducible amounts of damage. Among cards you want to defeat the moment they enter the battlefield, Abbess is second to none.

Card Details
Rank CD Attack Health Ability Ability

Star3 6 0 8 Holy Light
Faith 1
Cure 2
Star4 6 1 9 *See above
Star5 6 2 9 Holy Light
Faith 1
Cure 3
Star6 6 3 13 *See above
Star7 6 3 13 Holy Light
Faith 2
Cure 3

*NOTE: Fields that contain the text *See above means the effect remains the same until said otherwise.