• Thechosenone124

    The Creature template has the following features

    It automatically adds the page to the Creature category, as well as appropriate race and type categories if the Type parameter is fed a link (if you feed it a single word it will be unpredictable) and adds it to Unique and Melee if appropriate.

    If you type a single word into the parameter TypeLink it will transform it into a link to the category page of that type. Don't use it with the Type parameter

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  • FrauEX

    Adding pictures

    July 8, 2015 by FrauEX

    Hi I would like to contribute. Playing on japanese server. Is it ok if I add illustrations?

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  • Jsano

    Well, it's been 8 months, and a new blog post...XD

    Since this is so small, we should probably advertise this on the game itself...but will that annoy everyone?

    Yeah, it will.

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  • Thechosenone124

    Post thoughts

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  • Necro90

    New main page

    August 25, 2014 by Necro90

    Well, i changed a little bit the main page because the previous one wasn't ellaborated at all. What do you think about it? I was exploring others wikia pages to look for a one I can recreate and I selected this model. Do any of you have another page model that you prefer rather than the one I created??

    Expecting your answers.

    By the way, I'm glad I become an administrator and I will keep doing this kind of improving changes.

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  • Necro90

    Hi everyone

    August 12, 2014 by Necro90

    Hi, i'm Necro90 and I want to introduce myself to the community.

    These last days, there aren't many users connected and I haven't found anyone who made a new big edition in the wikia. I have neither seen the administrators of this wikia who did a great job with the page, but the game goes on and needs more updates.

    I want to ask you if you would have me as administrator so I can update the pages, create more pages with useful information and prevent erroneous or conflicting data being published.

    My english is a bit bad (you may notice), thats because I'm spanish. So I'll try to write only things that I'm sure are well written, but I encourage you guys to improve the pages and get a better wikia of Rise of Mythos.

    Nice to meet you and see you a…

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  • Plebman

    Fire Dragons done.

    Ice Dragons and Lightning Dragons to go...

    Also currently working on the 1.3 batch release overview of units.

    Got Priest, Sylvi, Werewolves, Skeletons and Trolls left to do overviews for, then onto 1.0 or 1.4, haven't quite decided.

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  • RagnaroCkRaven

    Hello everybody, 

    Imo, forums are a great source of information. This is why I'd like to know if someone agrees to look over the GameFuse forums for me and report in every weeks. I'm currently active on Kong, so I'm pretty busy for the moment. Comments from players can also be interesting, so make sure to write those down as well. Same thing goes for the German + Chinese servers and the Kings & Legends and Ancient Summoner's forums.

    Good luck !

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  • Yumi Swiftshot

    Yumi Disappoint.

    February 19, 2014 by Yumi Swiftshot

    Well looking at the wiki achievements and seeing the one called Pounce... I call that bullshit.  100 edits on the same article in an hour is stupid, plain and simple.  I'm pretty sure that would lower the quality of the article too.

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  • Yumi Swiftshot

    Yumi Unleashed!

    February 18, 2014 by Yumi Swiftshot

    Day Three of cleaning up this wiki.

    It's kinda lonely here.  Nobody but me and some anonymous contributors.  My predecessors didn't have great grammar and most of the wiki is unfleshed out.  Yumi's all alone..  Regardless, I'll see what I can do here.  Cheers.

    ~♥Yumi    (ㅇㅅㅇ❀)♥

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  • Ballino


    December 28, 2013 by Ballino

    Who know me ?

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  • Twillight2

    Castle of Bones part 2

    December 12, 2013 by Twillight2

    This is where only Key Tactic will win you the day AND Key Team.

    There's a multitude of problems here, so start with what kind of deck you need to bring:

    15 card deck to make it reliable. This doesn't seem much, but will bring you through this battle - IF you have the right one. What you'll need is these:

    - 6 to 9 Feles with Distraction ability. Make them high HP but low Attack. The low attack is needed for the AI casts Judgement regularly on you, and you need your troops to hold out as long as possible. So here you'll need actually LOW RANK cards! Place them to the upper row (Lane 1) exclusively to block the lane completely thus keeping them alive. Start puting them the back coloumn of the spawning pods if possible, because that means they'l…

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  • Twillight2

    Castle of Bones part 1

    December 12, 2013 by Twillight2

    This is one of the last challenges, providing one of the two necklaces in the game, this one being definitely harder to get, and not just for the battle itself (unfortunatelly there's only a slim chance assembling an able group, and even less to encourage them to make this challenge multiply times in a row (to everyone gain the special item at the very least).

    Stage 1 is scary, but as usual allows a more streightforward tactic.

    This time you'll face as primary problem a bounch of heroic cavalry busy chipping away your Bone Walls - what trust me on this will likely NOT respawn when reaching 0 HP this time.

    It is very important to dispose them as soon as possible, and that means you'll need a bounch of elf spearmen. Or anything else with spear.…

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  • Twillight2

    Map Area 9 part 2

    December 9, 2013 by Twillight2

    So we left at the 4th campfire, let's cntinue from there:

    It is interesting how much a pegasi + archer deck work differently from the previious pegasi + cavalry deck.

    I suggest fast things to be able to reach the nasty archers. And of courtse there's the problem of the pegasi... So maybe it would not be unreasonable to get a Chief Hfarnar to your deck ofr this if you can.

    Starts as the mini-version of Castle of Bones presenting lots of Heroe's Bane units, but at the later stages it gets much more complicated for three things: there are two unique legendary cards here, the more dangerous being Ryli the White Which. She single-handedly can drawn into blood your entire deck, so I feel lucky to have many werewolves.

    The other elite is equally anny…

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  • Twillight2

    Map Area 9 part 1

    December 7, 2013 by Twillight2

    Say good bye to the story, as that is no longer included :(

    Also note, that practically each and every campfire, and soon even every stage of every campfire might require a new deck. And the AI will mostly have legendary (5 star) cards. Scary.

    The reward for completing the area is also so left behind you don't believe (a Destruction set helm).

    The only good news here is, that the tip section is usually helpful. Won't make you win the stages, but will give you a general idea what deck you'll need to make.

    Also note, that the rewards are crap, although you'll probably need to passthis area to be able to participate in Castle of Bones (Centaur Generals).

    With that said, let's see the campfires:

    The start is relatively easy: templars, healer-priests…

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  • Twillight2

    Reputation means Race Reputation. You can gain these from different sources, namely:

    - use of cards

    - battling the Challenge Hall

    - reputation-bonus areas

    - tokens (bought in the Ascension Tower for ascension badges)

    The most basic way to gain reputation is the use of cards. Anywhere you use your cards you gain reputation. Above a certain level of reputations you only gain more reputation if you have certain level of cards (like 3-4-7 stars). Above a certain (very late) level you won't be able to gain any more reputation this way. The problem with this is, rising your crds to the end-highs is very hard, and the battles don't really flood you with reputations. Namely: the powergaming approach building your reputation only from this for maximum p…

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  • Twillight2

    Desert Fortress Stage 2

    December 2, 2013 by Twillight2

    THIS is where a reliable tactic comes into play.

    The pegasi + archer will have a serious addition of Hero's Bane units. This won't be the case where you have 1-2 stupid elves, oh no. The AI will be able to put down 3-5 of these in turns many times. So this is serious. The enemy also have a limited amount of mediocre legendary cards,

    The initial problem is something else though: archer towers. They can hit your Heros, and they can hit hard. They must be disposed early. But try to hold direct damage for later when possible - of course not at all cost.

    Second problem is the first wave of pegasi - they aren't that great in number, and you can survive here quit long even with wrong tactic.

    Third problem will be the constant Hero's Bane, what means n…

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  • Twillight2

    Desert Fortress Stage 1

    December 2, 2013 by Twillight2

    This whole campaign will be about archers, towers and pegasi riders. In the number of plenty. A fearsome challenge what includes Hero's Bane thrown at you like mountains.

    This one is fast and furious, very similar to Windy Hill Stage 1. The biggest problem is to counter the first wave, what reach you fast and tends to fill up your spawn pods, what is critical.

    Pegasi rush is especially annoying, as it is VERY hard to prevent them flying over your troops, land right at the face of yours, and stuck there killing you.

    The good news is, pegasi are cavalry, so elven spearman work excelent against them.

    The bad news is, elvens are fragile, so you'll need tanks. And when I mean tanks I mean heavily armoured (against physical damage), high HP creature…

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  • Twillight2

    Windy Hills is a tricky one. Short and brutal, it'll demand you a lot of things, and not just a specificly designed deck, but a specifically designed deck including Skill Cards.

    It has 2 stages, the first being very streightforward. Stage ONE is NOT equialent with Stage TWO, do NOT try to solve Stage 1 with a Stage 2 deck! Stage 1 requires your usual boss-killiing deck, whatever that is. The boss there'll release tengus and whatnot, almost having the same deck as for Stage 2, but there is a rather important difference: stage 1 has no tricks, everything starts from across the plain old field. So you just have to bring stuff to massacre everything mercylessly - and the occasional lifesaving / lane upholding stuff.

    Stage 2 is where the real pro…

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  • Twillight2

    Map Area 8 part 4

    November 28, 2013 by Twillight2

    The last two campfires are real boss-fights. Heck, even every stages of them is the bossfight, making you practically fight the same fight over and over, preparing you to fight the already done areas again and again for reputation bonuses.

    What you'll meet here are vampires with vampirism (so not weaken), Vampire King (an even bigger vampire of the same type),

    And for the last stage of the 9th campfire a combo of Prince Serka with Princess Sarya will be thrown at you initially.

    This means bringing anything under 6 HP is useless.

    The only way to win this fight I found this: Bring BIG units with both big attack and HP, and let your cards accumlate in your hand while you let the two boss-card coming towards you. Luckily the Princess is ranged unit…

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  • Twillight2

    Ancient Den

    November 27, 2013 by Twillight2

    This is an event-challenge avaiable for everyone, BUT the suggested minimum level is 25+. The more the better.

    The battle contains a lot of elemental damage, flying creatures, and a Crowned Nid (more on Hard mode).

    The special tricks appearing here are: portals which spawn Lions for 2 turns, Firewall what appears close to the boss dealing massive damage anything there for its duration in every turn, and magma fields dealing 5 damage whatever stands on them in each turn until it lasts.

    Magma Fields cause damage at the end of the player's turn, so if your creature can walk off it, you can safely put it down on it. Magma Fields are also welcomed during the first part of the battle burning away the first row of the Lions. Too few Magma Fields, or t…

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  • Twillight2

    Map Area 8 part 3

    November 25, 2013 by Twillight2

    For the change the 5th campfire here throws you sprinting dogs. If you thought like me these critters have no reason, you were mistaken. Their low cooldown and speed makes them certanly annoying.

    The last wave includes 50% cerberi instead of physical damage dogs making it hard to survive here. The number of cards the AI has also incrises rapidly between stages, making it hard to outnumber them. This last thing is true from the entirity of the remaining part of this area.

    For the 6th campfire you'll face a Chief Ironhide (4 armor) played out imediatelly against you. IF you are lucky, the Chief will block the advance of bats - the eclusive creatures for this campfire. These are far from the previously encountered bats - these are poisonous. Th…

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  • Twillight2

    Map Area 8 part 2

    November 22, 2013 by Twillight2

    Oh, campfire 3 and 4! Oh the 5/6 ghosts (ranged elemental damage units) spawning all over the field! Oh the joy! Oh the torment...

    Well, these levels are freakishly hard, ever incrising difficulty. The sheer number, power and frequency of the ghosts is just mind-blasting. And just for the heck of it, at campfire 4 all levels include a Bone Wall on the AI's side, preventing you from heroic rush.

    Because of all the attribute of these strong ghosts you'll be in trouble, but this laso means you1ll have to only once evolve a working tactic against them.

    There is a big help though: a recent event provided Velyn, a magic-immun elf card. Now THAT makes your life oh-so-much easier if you have it, especially for the last stage of the 4th campfire, wher…

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  • Twillight2

    Map Area 8 part 1

    November 21, 2013 by Twillight2

    As at the second half of Area 7 started, the trend of more frequent changes between campfires from now on become a rule.

    Also each campfire from now on will mean 4 battles, no exception.

    You start here against Vampires, which unit have Weaken ability. They1ll appear ina  massive amount, so disposing them is main concern for now. I used werewolves and elf archers for this.

    The second campfire deals out a lot of nasty things: martyr zombies and ghosts as creatures, Petrify and Fog of War as skill cards. Notice that the enemy has no vigilance. The martyrs are annoying by the way, and will always remain that. Aphrodena can help you out in case you infiltrate a heroic unit dispelling the potential petrification.

    Watch out for Fog of War, as it is b…

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  • Twillight2

    Map Area 7 part 2

    November 20, 2013 by Twillight2

    After ghosts and bats now you'll face hounds.

    Hounds are really hard opponents causing area damage. The only solution is to hack'em up mercilessly, what is only possible if you don't let them hit you before you reach them. This means allowing them a little bit closer before sending out your troops.

    Of course as hounds tend to have ok HP, and not just hit multiply row, but their breath hit snything on the two hexes before them, they are problematic.

    They also tend to have Vigilance, what means you really have to kill all the enemies around.

    Resistances (probably your only source at this point are pegasi) won't be much help though, lacking in number, and because of flying. But might worth a try.

    After the hounds you'll again face some ghosts- jus…

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  • Twillight2

    Hard Challenges - third

    November 19, 2013 by Twillight2

    Oh the mighty Ogres.

    All hails the Might Ogre Twins.

    Well, they are actually nothing special.

    They have many cards for sure, and zounds of spells (skill cards) even more sure, what they'll mostly waste on their walls (fortunatelly).

    For this one the only thing you need is plenty of strong cards.

    There are two parts you have the chance to fail this mission. Neither is at Stage 1.

    The first is when the bottom guy first starts to spawn out zounds of ogres - that's right after their walls get destroyed.

    Did I emphasized enough alread DO NOT TOUCH THE WALLS?

    The second is Ragnar. If Ragnar comes out with mighty support, plenty of life, and boosters on its head till his ears are read - your nose will bleed until you manage to dispose him, if your team wil…

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  • JPetrilla


    November 18, 2013 by JPetrilla

    I am hoping to soon have Templates available for use in creating Creature and Skill pages. The creature pages will be similar to Guard, with the addition of an Alchemy Lab fusing ingredients list. Skill pages I have not quite come up with a standard yet. If anybody has a suggestion please let me know. I have also discovered the Windows 7 Snipping tool so I'll be adding in additional images shortly.

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  • Twillight2

    Well, sry for the quality, but at least now the wikia has a video too. The blog-section can bear it, and maybe someone get encouraged to make a good-quality for the strickt-sense wikia.

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  • Twillight2

    Map Area 7 part 1

    November 15, 2013 by Twillight2

    For any reason this area is again about random encounters with undeads (read the story for more details).

    The Undead race, or better called faction is infamous about two things in general: easy source of elemental damage and respawning (in various forms). This makes it hard for you to resist their damage (and believe me, Pegasi, for being flying cavalry, are not that great of counter against them), or to advance in the lines. And while their damage per hit might not look that awesome, with all their resistances they'll accumlate that damage on you fast (especially with their many ranged units).

    The Undeads also not lack Vigilance ability.

    The first two campfire have Ghosts as primary problem. They deal ranged elemental damage. Fortunatelly th…

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  • Twillight2

    So, Shimmering Cave and Dark Forest what I can tell you about for now.

    For both challenges the HP of the bosses got highly incrised (to ca. 100).

    They have more cards, so any kind of rush against them is impossible, and decks of 25 cards or more is a demand.

    The decks of the AI seems to grow more specific. Less random archer in it, the Shimmering Cave is almost entirely made of Goblins, and Dark Forest made of Dogs and Lizards and elf snipers. This means you better design your deck to be able to handle that specific area (although your normal strong deck will probably be enough, so do not overdo it).

    A hint: if your deck lacks elemental damage, but is solid otherwise, put in a couple (5+) Undead. They are easy source of elemental damage, and w…

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  • Twillight2

    Windy Cliff

    November 13, 2013 by Twillight2

    This will be for a long time supposedly part of the Daily Quests. But it is very hard and very conditional, so most people won't gain the activity-bonus when this is a requirement.

    It again has two stages.

    The enemies are tengus and feleses, and they appear in great number.

    The good news is, the bosses have low amount of cards.

    The first stage is simple: have good damage, be able to stand on your feet - heck, most of the times your regular deck for this point will do.

    The second stage is stunning for the first time, and very-very problematic every time. The initial problem is, in each line, right on the heroes, is a row of Heroic Tengu. They must be disposed immediatelly. This demands Backstab and Vigilance, but beware: these tengus also have B…

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  • Twillight2

    Sanguine Tribe

    November 12, 2013 by Twillight2

    The third challenge-area it is.

    The enemy here are Ogres. Basic Ogres, and the worse type: Enraged Ogres (which gain attack as the get damaged).

    Two special boss-ogre also comes at Stage 2: the green aura-one is way more easy and don't require special attention. On the other hand Ragnar is a real trouble with its 24 HP and enragement, and the extra attack it provides (has blue aura).

    The special thing is on Stage 2: some walls on the side of the AI. It is usually considered Bad Behaviour attacking these walls, as they hinder the ogres a lot, narrowing them for quite a time to only two rows. So putting down things with ability of Vigilance, Whirlwind or Cone of Fire (etc.) requires carefull attention, and trying to build up heroic-thingies by de…

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  • Twillight2

    Dark Forest

    November 11, 2013 by Twillight2

    The second area in the Challenge Hall is quite a change compared to the first.

    Your team will start with a number of Walls played out. They are nice to have, and will dispose the first creatures arriving. Empirically it not worth trying to save them too hard unfortunatelly, but get good use of them until they are destroyed. Remember if your party use Lizards, they won't be able to pass your own towers until they get destroyed!

    The change in enemy is also quite noticable. Aside the "normal" units what should mean no real surprise to anyone (like archers), the AI has a good amount of fire-breathing Dogs, and to make your life miserable a very noticable amount of Lizards, including some with Armour 3 ability.

    For this low-level parties, who just…

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  • Twillight2

    Shimmering Cave

    November 10, 2013 by Twillight2

    The first avaiable challenge, and although you'll be able soone to wrack havoc around it, for starters this is a challenge.

    It has 2 stages, meaning you have to beat two levels to get your reward (fliping cards). The reward is usualy some green gem, low tier ogres, Elemental Equipment (begginer stuff), low tier goblins, or low tier bats.

    The enemy are made of low damage goblins of high HP, good damage low hp poisonous melee goblins, and the most dangerous high damage, high HP, poisonous archer goblins. For the second stage they get Bombs too, which deal the exact same damage as the barells scattered here. These Bombs are better left alone if they reach the players, as they don't do damage without exploding, even with buffs on their head.

    The ex…

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  • Twillight2

    Map Area 6 part 2

    November 8, 2013 by Twillight2

    This part has 3 stages: campfire 5 (I think), the rest, and the final campfire.

    The stage starts with a good old cavalry rush from the AI, with the difference its deck will contain some cavalry with 3 damage, so it is very hard to be able to completly block out the incoming damage, so instead mix in some supporting damage units (big things as second row, area damage from cerberuses, ranged units). Anyway, you must be familiar with this tactic already, so not too much surprise here (aside that your units will die in numbers probably, no longer being able to keep all of them alive).

    With this done a long row of vigilance + healer decks come, what are although annoying, but way not unhandleable. If your units can run in along the enemy, or can …

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  • Twillight2

    Map Area 6, part 1

    November 7, 2013 by Twillight2

    This go includes the first 4 campsite of the map, and they are the intruduction of you to Heavy Infantry.

    The AI will throw you a lot of lizard-beast, meaning they'll have physical resistance, what will grow with your progression.

    This means you'll need things what hit HARD, but the good news is you'll have plenty of time put them out, as all lizards only crawls, meaning they'll only step 1 hex forward in each turn instead of the usual two. The bad news is, some lizards can have elemental damage, so you won't be able to completly block them.

    As Pegasi tend to have higher charges, you probably won't be able to afford that, but with any random group of high-hitters, or with a lot of elemental damagers behind a high-HP blocker can do the trick.


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  • Twillight2

    Map Area 5 part 2

    November 7, 2013 by Twillight2

    The second half (split the area at the middle of the number of campfires) is a very annoying part of the game, because the AI has a dangerous flying rush-deck of tengus.

    This means the AI's creatures will come out fast (they are 1-2 turn charges), can fly over your creatures, and with every hit they become stronger (a reliable amount of he AI's deck have "Heroics" ability).

    The only solution I found was to make an even faster cavalry-rush deck (fortunately the AI has no backstab). This was made from just a couple of key cards (heroic cavalry) supported with walls of the human race (they stop flying), some low charge-high HP pegasi, and other things to hold up the enemy until their hero gets disposed of.

    This was requiring drawing the right ca…

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  • Twillight2

    Map Area 5 part 1

    November 6, 2013 by Twillight2

    This is the point you definitely have to decide what class, and start thinking on what race you'll want to use.

    In my case the class is the Healer. The game names it "priest", but i refuse to relate anything religious to me.

    So, the prime problem in this stage - aside that every campfire takes 3 battles - are hit&run centaur archers. They hit hard AND stay in an unreachable position.

    MY solution was to use beasts with Blessed Armour cast on them, staying totally protected. For firepower archers were used.

    The necessary beasts were aquired from Challenge Hall rewards.

    The area can be done reliably so to say, although with barely any HP remaining. Better-then-basic equipment also avaiable from Challenge Hall rewards.

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  • Twillight2

    Map Area 3-4

    November 4, 2013 by Twillight2

    These areas have ca. the same difficulty. They want you to start thinking what you play out, and start designing half-solid decks.

    The Heroes start to have some life, so the battles will actually take time, so a little life on your creatures will definitely help your case.

    You'll probably did not have the chance yet to buy a lot of new cards, but you'll probably at this point start to be familiar with the Challenge Hall, and get some equipment (weapon, helm, armour) from it.

    Do not worry too much on what cards you have avaiable. The cards you get from the story-mode (Map-battles) and what you find at other places will most probably be majorly Human and Elf cards, and maybe some other races for flavour.

    Your deck should mostly be assambled from…

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  • Twillight2

    Map Area 1-2

    November 3, 2013 by Twillight2

    These two are the basic areas. All campsites take 1 battles.

    They can be done with just the cards and stuff you got initially, although you should not forget to add the new earned cards to your deck.

    Everyone's HP is low here, so get use of it: put in pegasi in your deck what is cavalry AND can not be stopped by randomly placed monsters, as well as longbows (elven card too), what if placed the farthest initial place can imediatelly cause 2 damage to the opponent if no enemy monster is in that row.

    To block things it might worth to put in some ogres if you manage to get some (hint: Shimmering Crystal Cave in the Challenge Hall might drop you).

    these areas are EASY, should not require too much planing ahead.

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