Flavor Text: Scorch marks and smouldering bones litter the floor. Something stirs and an orange glow emanates from the darkness.

A VIP boss where players can obtain Dragon Awakened Fragments. Players can also obtain Dragon Soul and Spirit Crystals for Soul Summoner or even an Encouraging Saddle. (Dragon Awakened Fragments are called Drake Awakened Frags in game)

Note: All creature cards are awakened.


Claw of Dragon 

Tharymaskus • KaelithusTesalosVolante VoidstepValikastrazDraaksarusShade DiscipleBlaze DiscipleChilled DiscipleStormy DisciplePious DiscipleFlame DragonkinAurora VeloxiaFrost DragonkinAnnie the Dragon King

When the boss starts, the Tharymaskus, Kaelithus, Tesalos, Valikastraz, Draaksaurus will be summoned first. This will be followed by Disciples and Dragonkin.

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