Rise of Mythos Town Hall

The center of activity in Silver Heron Ridge, City Hall is the main building in town. Through the City Hall, you can construct the Seaport, Blacksmith, and Alchemy Lab, as well as upgrade them. City Hall also allows you to collect your daily income of silver and crystals, and for a small fee of gold, you can levy taxes for a little extra income each day.

Upgrading buildings costs crystals, and the level of City Hall limits the level that other buildings may be upgraded to. To upgrade a building, simply click on City Hall, then click on the upgrade button next to the building you would like to upgrade.

As you upgrade City Hall to higher levels, your daily income will increase, as will the maximum level of other buildings in the city.


Taxation gives silver and crystals to player which depends on the level of town buildings.


The City Hall is also used to upgrade 4 of the buildings within the town:

The City Hall itself, which increases the amount of crystal and silver collected with taxation.

The Seaport, which increases both the number of areas available during expedition and the amount collected from expeditions.

The Alchemy Lab increases both the quality of the cards that can be combined and the rate of success of the combination process. It also increases the number of fusion slots available to select from.

The Blacksmith increases the enchanting and combining success rates.

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