There are four classes in Rise of Mythos. Each class has its own set of unique skill cards they can bring to bear in battle, and may not use skills belonging to any other class. Don’t worry about being locked into one decision forever. You can find a Class Selection Crystal
Class Selection Crystal
Class Selection Crystal
Type: Item
Rank: Rare
Double-click to reselect class.
Sell price:  50 Silver
in-game, or purchase one from the shop, to change your class at any time. However, you will never be able to use skill cards belonging to a class different from your current class.

Warrior Edit

Warriors draw on their strength to inspire courage in one and all. They can not only use their skills to rally their own creatures, but also to directly inflict damage on enemy creatures.

In battle, a warrior will use skills to help defend their troops, use commands to change the flow of battle, or direct damage skills to help remove a powerful enemy from the battlefield, ensuring their troops can continue to advance.

Ranger Edit

Rangers are gifted with exceptionally keen senses, their ability to control the battlefield are tremendous, and the tactics they use to weaken the enemy are a power matched only by the deadly poisons they will use in battle.

On the battlefield, control is the Ranger’s greatest weapon. They are able to manipulate the enemy’s hand with skills like Swift Death. Troops can be shifted using Disinformation, and tactics like Sunder Armor allow them to remove advantages enemy troops may carry.

Mage Edit

Mages pursue the research of magical energies tirelessly to increase the damage they can inflict in battle, and can even take control of enemy troops.

Masters of the elements, mages use powerful spells like Lightning Storm to inflict damage directly to enemy troops. Frost Nova can hinder enemy troop movements, while spells like Hermes’ Wings can allow troops to fly past enemy formations.

Priest Edit

Devout believers in divine forces, Priests command powerful healing and defensive spells to assist their creatures on the battlefield, and can summon the wrath of gods to smite their enemies.

Not only can Priests cure the wounds of their troops, but they are also capable of blessing forces with armor and regenerative abilities. They can even bring troops back from the grave using Resurrection. While Priests specialize in defense, they also control powerful abilities to smite enemy troops, and can even prevent the Undead from rising again

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