Deck management

Deck Management window

Deck Management is where the player can maintain and create their decks and view all the cards currently in their collection. It can be accessed at any time by clicking the Cards icon in the menu bar. On the left side is the currently active deck. On the right, all of the cards in the player's collection.

Deck Creation Edit

All players will start with a "Starting deck" and may create other decks to select from as needed. In the top-right of the current deck is the Deck List button. Clicking this will bring up a list of all decks created. To create a new deck, click the "Create" button and enter a name. It will the become the current deck and be added to the list.

The name of the currently active deck is displayed in the top-left of the left side. To change a deck's name, click on that area and edit.

Deck Size Edit

Standard deck size is a maximum of 30 cards with a minimum of 15. New players will have a maximum of 10 and a minimum of 5, with these limits increasing as they level up, as one more maximum and minimum card per level.

No more than 3 copies of a card with the same name can be added to the deck, regardless of ranks.

Deck Editing Edit

Cards displayed from the collection can be filtered by using the tabs at the top and right of the window, and also by rank using the colored selector near the top of the window.
The card collection is divided into 3 main types on the top: Specialists, Creatures, and Skills. Creatures are further divided on the right by race, Skills and Specialists by class.

To add a card to the current deck, simply click on it in the collection side. To remove a card, click on it in the deck side.

Pictogram voting info Note: Cards not used by the player's current class cannot be added to a deck.

Auto-Pick Edit

The Auto-Pick button will have the computer automatically pick out the most powerful cards in your collection. However, this does not always create an efficient deck to use. The feature is most useful for those just starting out.
Pictogram voting info Note: Players are advised to experiment with adding and removing cards from the deck, then create their own decks after becoming more familiar with the cards and their mechanics.

Deck Info Edit

The Deck Info will display some basic statistics about your deck. Theses stats can be shown or hidden by clicking on the Deck Info button.
The first page shows the balance percentage of the cards types and a bar graph of the countdown curve of the cards. The second page shows the balance percentage by rank. The third page shows the balance percentage by race.

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