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Dragons are a race of creatures released in 1.5. While the civilized races harness the magical energies of the world, Dragons are born into it, bathing in the vast pools of elemental energy within their homeland even as whelps. However, their abundance of magical energy is not used with the same finesse. The dragons choose instead to blast their power forward, indiscriminately raining elemental fury on friend and foe alike. Some of their kind exude their elemental energy as an aura to boost their allies. Others of their kind have gained control over their power, achieving a humanoid state while harnessing their power in a controlled manner.

The dragon cards were originally acquired through exclusive events that last for about two weeks. The event involved a random draw that required 60 event points per draw. Points were acquired through the Red Dragon Lair challenge rewards and daily event quests. The rarest cards of each dragon variation, Danika Flameheart, Ferena Drake, and Volante Voidstep, were acquired only through pvp post-season rewards for the champion and semi-/quarter-finalists or through Victory packs. Aurora Veloxia and Annie the Dragon King have also been added to the group

Now, the Shop stocks race packs for Dragons, with Standard and Master packs available, allowing new players to be able to enjoy the power of dragons, as well as allowing older players to be able to get any new dragons they didn't manage to earn before.

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5000 Silver
58 Gold / Ruby

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198 Gold / Ruby

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198 Gold / Ruby
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