Friends screen

The Friends Interface shows a list of all the players befriended, as well as a list of guild members. There is also a blacklist for obnoxious players. The total amount of players that can be added to the friend/blacklists is 200.

Pictogram voting info Note: Only players on the same server can be added to the friend/blacklists.

Friends Edit

Friends can be added to the list by clicking the "Add Friend" button and entering a screen name, or by clicking on the name in the chat screen and clicking "add friend". This will add them to the list. That player will receive a notice they have been added and may add them to their own list.

At lower levels, players will be given the option to add randomly selected people with similar level when they level up.

Added friends will send an alert when they come online or sign out. Friends currently online will have a lit icon next to their name, blue for males, red for females.

Pictogram voting info Note: Friend requests can be blocked by checking the option in the System Settings.

Blacklist Edit

Adding a player to the blacklist will block all messages from them, including the public channel, private message, guild chat, room chat, battle chat, trumpets, and team chat. Online notices, battle invites and Mail are also blocked. Players can be added from the friend interface or by clicking the name in the chat screen.

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