Collection guide

The Guide is a catalog of all player cards in the game. It shows an overview of current totals and past cards a player has managed to acquire, organized by their Versions, Races, Types and other categories. It also shows a percentage of completion for a given version.

Collection Rewards Edit

For versions 1.0‎ and 1.1-1.3, card rewards are given for reaching milestones of collection percentages. These cards are considered "locked" and will not count toward Collection totals. They also cannot be used in enhancing, combining or synthesizing, or sold in the Auction House. Locked cards are also give out during Back to Battle events and from Soul Summoner.

1.0 Edit

Human Horseman Grand Fencer Wind-Dancer Elke Templar
Elf Elven Witch Pegasus Legionnaire Tanwen Wildfire Elven Marksman
Halfblood Feles Messenger Tengu Assaulter Lucius Swift Centaur Marksman
Undead Zombie Swordsman Vampire Mage Desperate Soul Icy Gale Ghost
Goblin Goblin Rogue Goblin Poacher Raid Captain Gubba Goblin Poison Archer
Ogre Ogre Ogre Berserker Chief Sharptooth Ogre Hercules Ringleader
Beast Bat Senior Thunder Lizard Virulent Bat King Fiery Hound
Warrior Encourage Fissure Command: Cleave Command: Counterattack
Ranger True Shot Premeditation Frenzy Reveal Weakness
Mage Fireball Petrify Meditation Hermes' Wings
Priest Blessing: Armour Smite Resurrection Blessing: Mass Life

1.1-1.3 Edit

Human Priestess Heavy Repeating Crossbow Pontiff Faol Crossbow Captain
Elf Elven Guard Elven Thunder Mage Velyn the Unscarred Elven Frost Sorcerer
Halfblood Werewolf Ironclaw Sylvi Ranger Fenris the Butcher Sylvi Bladesoul
Undead Dark Rider Unholy Skeleton Darius Darkhand Plagued Skeleton
Goblin Pixie Keeper Pixie Magi Chief-Warden Ariella Pixie Grand Magi
Ogre Troll Frenzied Troll Smasha' Rulk Rampaging Troll
Beast Griffyn Unicorn Mirager Spellfire Chimera Etherstone Nid
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