Hero screen

The Hero interface can be opened by clicking the button at the bottom of the screen on the menu bar. Click it and a window will pop up displaying your avatar, equipment, inventory, statistics and more on the first tab. From there, you can do many things. On the second tab you can change personal information and preferences to your liking.

Inventory Edit

Equipment Edit

The first thing you may notice, and arguably the most important aspect of this interface, is your character and all the empty slots where you can drag-and-drop equipment into. Each slot is reserved for a specific piece of equipment. Going counter clockwise, starting in the top left corner, the slots are reserved for a helmet, armor, weapon, cloak, rune, earring, necklace, accessory, ring and mount.

Stats Edit

Just below your character is your level and a progress bar showing how close you are to leveling up to the next level. And just below THAT are four stats: Hero HP, Hero Crit, Unit Crit and Unit Block. Each stat affects your game play in different ways and is affected by your equipment quality. The better your equipment, the higher your statistics.

Inventory Edit

Your inventory takes up the entire right side and can hold many items. Some of those things consist of unused equipment, Enchanting Gems, Fusing Material, consumable items like the Tower Ticket for the Ascension Tower, event consumables, Class Selection Crystals and more. You can sell, arrange, and even renew certain items, using gold, from the inventory.

One page, 36 slots, are initially available. Additional slots can be bought at 60 gold Gold for 6 slots. An additional 7 pages of space can be bought.

Miscellaneous Information Edit

Other information like username, what guild you're in, which class you are, and your overall power level are also displayed in this window.

Class Edit

There is a "Change" button used for changing classes that is located just above the slot designated for a mount. You can also see your current class there. Click it and you will be able to pick one of the three other classes to change to. Once you have picked your new class click confirm. You can only do this if you have a class selection crystal, or you are willing to pay 88 gold (the crystal is first) which will be consumed when used.

You can also change your class by double clicking the class selection crystal within your inventory or by clicking "Change class" in the city screen in the top region of the flash player.

Info Edit

In this tab, you can change the hero icon (picture), change your hero name at the cost of 400 gold Gold or write a biography. No more than 1000 characters.

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