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You can access the Mail by clicking the Envelope "Mail" icon located at the bottom right of the screen. From here you'll be able to view your mail, accept any rewards sent to you, and send mail to other players. All mail will have a delete button in the bottom and occasionally a get all button when it comes with rewards.


The two main reasons you'll ever open this page is to receive a reward from the system, or to inform other players of an upcoming event. Each player is only alotted 5 pages of mail, or thirty slots in all, so if you do use the system frequently, make sure to delete your oldest Mail otherwise incoming mail will not be received.

System Mail / Rewards Edit

  Occasionally, the system will want to inform you of an upcoming event, reward you for participating in an event, gift you your VIP rewards, etc... When this happens, all rewards will come through the mail. To get your rewards, or simply view the info they sent, open up your Mail and select the mail you wish to see. If it contains a reward, select the get all option on the bottom right of the screen to take all the contents of the mail. 

  Note: When a mail has rewards in it, the delete button will be greyed out until the rewards are collected, and you will not be able to delete it during that time. 

Composing MailEdit

  If you want to, you can mail other players to invite someone to join your guild, help out in a boss fight, or inform a certain player about an event your hosting or joining. If you want to contact players this way, simply select the Compose option in the top right of the interface, select a recipient, and type a subject, and you'll be able to send the player all the information he needs to know. But mail has a cost, and you'll have to spend 50 silver every time you wish to send mail.  

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