The World is divided into continents. The first continent is Elyria. Elyria is divided into 10 Regions, subdivided into up to 10 different levels. When all the regions of Elyria are complete, the second continent, Draglasar, will be accessible. Currently, Draglasar has only 5 regions available.

All levels must first be cleared in a region to unlock the next. The required Hero level is then needed to access that region. Some levels will also be level locked.

Elyria Edit


Elyria is a diverse continent full of terrains varying from the dry deserts to lush forests. Possessing every kind of environment, it also possesses the most races.

Region 1: Silver Heron Ridge Edit

Available: Initial

 Level 1: Cathedral of the Goddess
 Level 2: Eastern Church Grounds
 Level 3: Border Farm
 Level 4: Town of Folksvangur
 Level 5: Town Hall

Region 2: Deep Winter Heights Edit

Available: Hero Level 5

 Level 1: Highway Fort
 Level 2: Hillside Sentry Tower
 Level 3: Hilly Mountain Road
 Level 4: Stone Ruins
 Level 5: Resting Grounds
 Level 6: Snow-covered Slope
 Level 7: Knifes-Edge Mountain Path
 Level 8: Snowy Fort

Region 3: Snowy Hillside Edit

Available: Hero Level 10

 Level 1: Snowy Mountain Road
 Level 2: Cavern Tunnel
 Level 3: Cave Mouth
 Level 4: Foggy Mountain
 Level 5: Lesser Pine Forest
 Level 6: Hot Spring Woodlands
 Level 7: Aire River Ford
 Level 8: Forest Entrance

Region 4: Elven Heartwood Edit

Available: Hero Level 15

 Level 1: Thornbush Bridge
 Level 2: Aire Riverbank
 Level 3: Heaven's Scar Breach
 Level 4: Entwined Branches Waterfall
 Level 5: Belladonna Harbor
 Level 6: Illusionary Harbor
 Level 7: Roadside Camp
 Level 8: Forest of Life

Region 5: Livid Wind Prairie Edit

Available: Hero Level 20

 Level 1: Wild Grasslands
 Level 2: Mystical Cairns
 Level 3: Eastern Grasslands
 Level 4: verdant Pastures
 Level 5: Nine Forks River
 Level 6: Floresco, the sea of Flowers
 Level 7: Highland Entrance
 Level 8: Border Campsite
 Level 9: Throne of the Lion

Region 6: Canyon Gorges Edit

Available: Hero Level 25

 Level 1: Mountain Road Fortress
 Level 2: Caverns of Blood
 Level 3: Crusaders Folly
 Level 4: Ogre Campsite
 Level 5: Rough Valley Road
 Level 6: Headwind Valley Road
 Level 7: Straight Ravine Road
 Level 8: Abatis Blockade
 Level 9: Ravine Mouth

Region 7: Hazy Marshes Edit

Available: Hero Level 30

 Level 1: Stained Marshes
 Level 2: Scrubby Swamps
 Level 3: Dense Fog Forest
 Level 4: Forest Tree Houses
 Level 5: Faint Southern Path
 Level 6: Faint Northern Path
 Level 7: Eastern Mud Flats
 Level 8: Western Mud Flats
 Level 9: Whistling Graveyard
 Level 10: Bone Ridge Mountain

Region 8: Lost Lands Edit

Available: Hero Level 35

 Level 1: Lost Crossroads
 Level 2: Cold Moon Garrison
 Level 3: Slumbering Cemetery
 Level 4: Abandoned Tower
 Level 5: Roadside Bone Pile
 Level 6: Dead Tree Woods
 Level 7: Glittering Path
 Level 8: Old Castle Outpost
 Level 9: Ancient Vampire Castle
 Level 10: Skeletal Throne

Region 9: Desert Ruins Edit

Available: Hero Level 40

 Level 1: Starfall Forest
 Level 2: Withered Forest
 Level 3: Sacred Mound
 Level 4: Rocky Slope
 Level 5: Sand Dunes
 Level 6: Temple Ruins
 Level 7: Mirages
 Level 8: Dragon Bones
 Level 9: Crescent Moon Harbor
 Level 10: Shifting Desert
 Level 11: Castle Ruins

Region 10: Forbidden Zone Edit

Available: Hero Level 45

 Level 1: Abandoned Scout Tower
 Level 2: Village Ruins
 Level 3: Blood-washed Wilderness
 Level 4: City Gates
 Level 5: City Bazaar
 Level 6: Cloudless Sanctuary
 Level 7: Academy
 Level 8: Wind Swept Pagoda
 Level 9: Ayer's Square
 Level 10: Imperial Furnaces
 Level 11: Wailing Courtyard
 Level 12: Shrine of Emrys

Draglasar Edit


Region 11: Wyrmrest Temple Edit

Available: Hero Level 50

 Level 1: Elven Outpost
 Level 2: The Waste Road
 Level 3: The Mystlands
 Level 4: Dragon's Wing Pass
 Level 5: The Heart Tree
 Level 6: Spine Ridge
 Level 7: Verathel's End
 Level 8: The Desolation
 Level 9: City Border
 Level 10: The Ruined City
 Level 11: The Lonely Tower
 Level 12: Temple of Flame

Region 12: Sleeping Forest Edit

Available: Hero Level 55

 Level 1: Twilight Forest
 Level 2: The Great Vine
 Level 3: Treeburrow
 Level 4: Floris Gloom
 Level 5: Abandoned Campfire
 Level 6: Cabin in the Woods
 Level 7: Desolate Ridge
 Level 8: Shadowbend
 Level 9: The Hanging Tree
 Level 10: The Barrows
 Level 11: Shadekeep Wall
 Level 12: Shadekeep Ruins

Region 13: Sandy Wastes Edit

Available: Hero Level 60

Region 14: Frozen Demon Throne Edit

Available: Hero Level 65

Region 15: Skyspire Islands Edit

Available: Hero Level 65

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