Quest Journal

The Quest Journal


You can access your Quest journal by clicking the Scroll and Quill "Quest" Icon at the bottom menu bar. Once you are inside your Journal, you may view your available quests, their requirements, and rewards upon completion.

Quest VariantsEdit

After progressing far enough through the game, you will eventually have five separate quest variants, each with its own quest style and area of play. 

Main QuestEdit

   These quests deal entirely with leveling up your hero, defeating regions on the map, and progressing through the PvP arena. These quests will be your main goal throughout your journey, and you will naturally progress through the game while following these.

Branch QuestEdit

   These quests delve more into the specifics of the game, asking for you to achieve things like leveling up the various buildings within your town, using those buildings to produce something, such as using the Alchemy Lab to combine or fuse new cards, or having you set off to a certain destination from your seaport. Other variants may include reaching a certain rating in PvP, or defeating a boss Wave in the Challenge Hall. These quests will be more challenging than the main quests, due to the fact that they have more requirements and will take longer to accomplish. 

Daily QuestsEdit

  As the name would suggest, these quests are renewed daily, and will give you a reward every time you complete them. Defeating a boss, defending a fort, completing arena battles, and collecting your daily tax, are all quests you can be given each day. 

Event QuestsEdit

  These quests are special, as they only occur during special occasions within the game. These quests will task you to complete something related to the current event and reward you with silver and occasionally tokens for that event which you can use to purchase specific cards available only during that event. 

Guild QuestsEdit

  Finally, these quests have you interact with your current guild, and will become unlocked once you have joined a guild. These quests will renew daily, and ask that the player donate to their guild, assist guild members in combat, and aid them in boss fights.


Upon completing your quest, you will be rewarded with at least one of a vast array of prizes. The most basic of these is your standard silver and experience with the amounts scaling based on the difficulty of the quest you were given. More uncommonly, you may be given crystal to aid you in building your town, gems with which to upgrade equipment at the Blacksmith, or runes/rune formulas which can give your hero a wonderful boost in combat. In a few rare quests, you may even receive gold, or cards although these quests are few and far between.

Guild Quests will all give you CP which is your currency when purchasing upgrades within your guild.

Event Quests can reward you with tokens which you can turn in to receive awards of your choosing or complete a separate quest. 

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