Class ranger

The Ranger's senses are exceptionally keen, and their skill of inflicting damage to enemy heroes is widely renowned. Their special skills of battlefield control pose a tremendous challenge to their enemies.

-In-game Description

Rangers are a class of hero that the player can choose. For becoming a ranger, the player gets the True Shot spell.

Overview Edit

The Ranger class excels at removal and direct damage. Rangers are perhaps the best PVP class boasting quick card draw skills, fast effective removal skills, and direct hero damage skills. They are very powerful verses priests because deadly blow is unaffected by sanctuary. They are also a good beginner class.

Advantage Edit

+ One of the most powerful 1v1 classes.

+ easy removal of enemy creatures (including nimbles due to Double Stab).

+ a nightmare for most defensive and Priest relying on cheap Sanctuary decks.

+ generally powerful, versatile skills.

+ only class that has a skill that directly attacks enemy player, perfect for nearly unstoppable removal of wounded enemies.

Disadvantage Edit

- disliked for King’s Mausoleum for his limited usefulness.

- skills that require life points can make him vulnerable to deadly tactics.

- since Ranger rush is very popular, there are more control decks to counter them in PVP.

- Require higher skill than other classes

PVP Preference Edit

+ rush and spike rush.

+ well paired with same or any other class.

PVP Deck Ideas Edit

+ rush.(heavy use of creature removal (deadly blow) and fast creatures)

+ super rush/spike rush (use of Swift Raid buffs, removals and Mifzuna/Maia, rush creatures)

+ balanced. (good usage of aggressive/defensive creatures backed by powerful removal)

Boss Edit

+ Disinformation is very useful in Castle of Bones stage 2.

- Less useful in King’s Mausoleum.

Skills Edit

True Shot True Shot
Deals N Ranged damage to target enemy creature
Tactic Decay Tactic: Decay
Target friendly creature gains ability - Decay N: Damaged creatures will take N Shadow damage at the end of their next turn.
Disturbance Disturbance
Two non-Wall creatures within a 2x1 area swap places.
Swift Death Swift Death
Places a card with the highest Countdown from target enemy hero's hand into their graveyard.
Rupture Rupture
Deals N Melee damage to each enemy creature within a 2x2 area. Damaged creatures cannot be healed.
Tactic Sunder Armor Tactic: Sunder Armor
Target friendly creature gains +1 attack and gains the following ability - Sunder Armor: Damage dealt by this creature cannot be reduced.
Premeditation Premeditation
Your hero loses 5 Life and immediately draws 2 extra cards.
Disinformation Disinformation
Returns target creature to its Summoner's hand. Resets its Countdown to half of its highest number (rounded up).
Double Stab Double Stab
Deals N Physical damage to each enemy creature within a 2x1 area.
Deadly Blow Deadly Blow
Your hero loses 3 life. Kill target enemy creature whose Countdown is 4 or less.
Reveal Weakness Reveal Weakness
Doubles all damage target enemy creature takes for 1 turn.
Sow Disorder Sow Disorder
Increases Countdown of 4 random cards in target enemy hero's hand by 1.
Cloaked Shot Cloaked Shot
Deals N Ranged damage to target enemy hero.
Frenzy Frenzy
Your hero takes 3 Shadow damage. Kill enemy creatures whose Countdown is 2 or less within a 2x2 area.
Swift Raid Swift Raid
Friendly creatures within a 2x2 area gain +3 Attack and +1 Movement for 1 turn.

PvP Skills Edit

Flashbomb Flashbomb
Enemy creatures in a 2x2 area cannot act for 1 turn.
Tactic Distraction Tactic: Distraction
Target friendly creature gains ability Distraction 2: The Countdown of 1 random card in an enemy hero's hand is increased by 2 each turn.
Plan B Plan B
All cards from your current hand are sent back to your deck, and you draw the same amount, +2 cards.
Doppelganger Doppelganger
Copy a creature card of target hero's hand and put it into your hand.
Detonate Detonate
Target creature gains ability: Explosive 3: Upon dying, deals 10 Fire damage to a adjacent creatures and heroes.
Substitute Substitute
One Summoner will place all cards in hand to the Deck and receive the same amount back. All newly drawn cards have 1 less Countdown.

Battlefield Skills Edit

Smoke Screen Smoke Screen
Summon Smoke in a 2x2 area. Creatures in Smoke gain the ability: Nimble: Cannot be targeted by single-target skills. Lasts for 3 turns.
High Ground High Ground
Summons on a 2x2 area. Friendly Archers on 'High Ground' gain +2 Range and ability: Sniper (Attacks the enemy creature or hero with lowest Life in range.) Lasts for 3 turns.
Betrayer's Gate Betrayer's Gate
Deploy the Betrayer's Gate in target square, when an enemy creature within the Gate deals or receives damage, their summoner takes the same amount of damage. Lasts for 3 turns

Ultimate Skill Edit

Time to Die Time to Die
Target enemy creature will die upon finishing its turn

Specialists Edit

Black Cat

Angel Seraph



Shadow Demon special

Shadow Demon

Warden's Tower

Warden's Tower

Stalker Braybow

Stalker Braybow

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