Reputation window

Reputation (Rep) is a system that measures a player's affinity status with a particular race or class. Raising rep levels provides increases to the race/classes' Critical Hit and Block rates. Milestones in rep levels also unlock cards for purchase and one-time bonuses of Silver, player experience, fusing materials, gold and Legendary cards. Reputation points increase based on the current player's deck of cards after a victory, mission completion and region conquering or through the use of Reputation Tokens.

Critical Hit and Block Edit

Critical Hit rate is the probability of a creature or skill card played to deliver twice the normal damage to its intended target. Block rate, on the other hand, is the the probability of your monster taking half the normal damage received.

Raising Reputation Edit

Each race has an individual reputation level which mainly can be increased by winning a match, the reputation bonus section, and sometimes obtained through events. For reputation bonuses, a player is entitled to a one-time large sum or reputation points if one is able to attain victory of (previously conquered) areas.

Card Points Edit

After each victorious match, reputation points are awarded to the player according to the number and rank of cards involved in that match. Having Human cards will earn Human race reputation points while Halfblood cards will earn Halfblood race reputation points. Similarly, having cards of your job class involved in the victorious match will earn you reputation points for that job class.

The required rank of a card to gain reputation points increases by one rank for each increment of 10 rep levels. Thus, it is advised to use the highest rank card whenever possible to attain as many points as possible early on.

Rep per card
Card Creature Skill Rep level
Common 104016
Good 124823
Rare 145630
Epic 176835
Legendary 218440
Godlike 2710845

If you have a deck containing 30 epic creatures you will get 1020 reputation per match until reputation 35 if you have more than 20 energy. Players get 1 energy per 20 min or 72 per day so if you don't wast any energy you could get 73,440 creature reputation per day from cards. If you also do 10 bosses at hard you would get a further 27,000 reputation per day.


If you have more than 20 energy, you get double card reputation.

Guild skill diplomacy increases card reputation with 3% per level.

PvE losses don't give reputation.

PvP wins gives 50% more card reputation. Losses gives 50% less card reputation.

PvP that last under 2 minutes gives have reputation reduced proportionally. So a match that only last 30 seconds only gives 1/4 of the reputation it would have given if it lasted 2 minutes. This affect both winner and loser. Silver and exp are also reduced by this factor. PvE don't give less reputation even if you win a match in 6 sec.

Boss Battle Points Edit

Bosses gives bonus reputation. Bonus reputation is not affected by energy, so you don't get double reputation when you have more than 20 energy.

Boss Stage 1 Stage 2 Rep level
Shimmering Cave(E) 300 Goblin600 Goblin = or < 21
Shimmering Cave(N) 600 Goblin1200 Goblin21
Shimmering Cave(H) 900 Goblin1800 Goblin50
Dark Forest(N) 600 Beast1200 Beast21
Dark Forest(H) 900 Beast1800 Beast50
Sanguine Tribe(N) 600 Ogre1200 Ogre< 30
Sanguine Tribe(H) 900 Ogre1800 Ogre50
Windy Cliff(N) 100 Halfblood200 Halfblood< 30
Windy Cliff(H) 200 Halfblood400 Halfblood50
Desert Fortress(H) 200 Elf400 Elf50
Castle of Bones(H) 200 Human400 Human50
King's Mausoleum(H) 200 Undead400 Undead50
Ancient Den(N) 600 Beast -- ??
Ancient Den(H) 900 beast -- 50

About once per month, there is an event that gives 500,000 undead reputation, linked to the completion of King's Mausoleum.

Region Conquering Edit


Region Conquer tab

Completing regions and "Reputation missions" will award a total of 100,000 points each for Humans, Undead, Elves and Halfbloods. Reputation missions consist of repeating all of a region's battles a number of times. These will only count after conquering the region.


Conquer regions (11000 points each)
 Region 1: Silver Heron Ridge
- Complete each level 1 time for 1800 points
 Region 2: Deep Winter Hills
- Complete each level 2 times for 2000 points (unlocks at Human Reputation Lv.10)
 Region 10: Forbidden Zone
- Complete each level 6 times for 3500 points (unlocks at Human Reputation Lv.20)


Conquer regions (15000 points each)
 Region 7: Hazy Marches
- Complete each level 5 times for 3000 points
 Region 8: Lost Lands
- Complete each level 5 times for 4000 points (unlocks at Undead Reputation Lv.10)


Conquer regions (11000 points each)
 Region 3: Snowy Hillside
- Complete each level 3 times for 1750 points
 Region 4: Elven Heartwood
- Complete each level 4 times for 2500 points (unlocks at Elf Reputation Lv.10)
 Region 9: Desert Ruins
- Complete each level 5 times for 3000 points (unlocks at Elf Reputation Lv.20)


Conquer regions (14000 points each)
 Region 5: Wild Grasslands
- Complete each level 5 times for 3000 points
 Region 6: Crusaders Folly
- Complete each level 5 times for 5000 points (unlocks at Halfblood Reputation Lv.10)

Tokens Edit

Reputation Tokens can be purchased from the Ascension Tower shop for 1 Tower point. Each rep token can be spent to get 10,000 points in one class / race.

Pictogram voting info Note:It costs 1252 tower tokens to get from reputation level 35 to 50 in one race or class.

Level Rewards Edit

Each increment of 5 levels of a race/class will allow one to claim a one-time bonus.

5 1000 Silver
10 300 Experience
15 300 Energy
Energy Fragment
Energy Fragment
Type: Item
Rank: Good
Common material for fusing cards.

Can be obtained by Extracting Epic or lower ranked cards.

Sell price:  2 Silver
Soul Fragment
Soul Fragment
Type: Item
Rank: Good
Common material for fusing cards.

Can be obtained by Extracting Epic or lower ranked cards.

Sell price:  2 Silver
Magic Fragment
Magic Fragment
Type: Item
Rank: Good
Common material for fusing cards.

Can be obtained by Extracting Epic or lower ranked cards.

Sell price:  2 Silver
20 5000 Silver
25 900 Experience
30 100 Gold
35 Race: x30 Elixir of Life
Elixir of Life
Elixir of Life
Type: Item
Rank: Rare
Common material for fusing cards.

Can be obtained by Extracting Rare or lower ranked cards.

Sell price:  50 Silver

Class: x6 Class Materials
40 30000 Silver
45 Legendary Race/Class Card
50 300 Gold
Level 45 Legendaries
Human Crusader Lucanus Undead Prince Serka Beast Chief Ironhide
Goblin Raid Captain Gubba Ogre Chief Sharptooth Elf First Ranger Talenor
Halfblood Chief Hrafn Outsider Elemental Fire Dragon Kaelithus
Angel Judge Aleksandra Demon Lilith the Betrayer Warrior Command: Heroic
Ranger Disinformation Mage Charm Priest Ring of Healing

Reputation Shop Edit

As race reputation levels get higher to multiples of 7, players will unlock cards in the shop and be able to exchange silver for those unlocked cards.

Card prices in the shop depend on their rarity:

Rank Price
Common 100 Silver
Good 500 Silver
Rare 2 500 Silver
Epic 18 000 Silver
Legendary 320 000 Silver
Level 7 Horseman Squire Wall of Vacuum
Level 14 Grasping Wall Grand Fencer Sentinel
Level 21 Wind Shielding Wall Mercenary Captain Lance Champion
Level 28 Wind Shelter Wall Spike Wall Crusader Lucanus
Level 35 Thorn Wall Angelic Statue
Level 42 Pontiff Faol
Level 50 Jasmine the Dervish
Level 7 Vampire Zombie Guard Dead Soldiers' Wall
Level 14 Horrid Bone Wall Chilling Ghost Zombie Legionnaire
Level 21 Skeleton Wall Dread Phantom Vampire Archmage
Level 28 Bone Wall Cursed Cauldron Prince Serka
Level 35 Cauldron Wall of Dark Night
Level 42 Darius Darkhand
Level 50 Gringheist
Level 7 Hunting Dog Thunder Lizard Venomous Bat
Level 14 Hound Armoured Lizard Bloodthirsty Bat
Level 21 Sawtooth Thunder Lizard Scarlet Bat Fiery Cerberus
Level 28 Chief Ironhide
Level 35 Virulent Bat King
Level 42 Spellfire Chimera
Level 50 Lord Fleder
Level 7 Goblin Rogue Goblin Mobster
Level 14 Goblin Bully Goblin Poacher
Level 21 Goblin Outlaw Goblin Poison Archer
Level 28 Black Market Caravan Raid Captain Gubba
Level 35 Treasure Chest
Level 42 Chief-Warden Ariella
Level 50 Warlord Graz'nak
Level 7 Ogre Wall of Replenishing
Level 14 Ogre Berserker Wall of Revival
Level 21 Wall of Renewal Ogre Hercules Ringleader
Level 28 Wall of Recovery Chief Sharptooth
Level 35 Ogre Bone Heap
Level 42 Smasha' Rulk
Level 50 Krusha'
Level 7 Elven Hunter Pegasus Scout Arrow Keep
Level 14 Arrow Tower Elven Fire Mage Elven Longbow Archer
Level 21 Sentry Tower Elven High Priestess Pegasus Raid Leader
Level 28 Outpost Arcane Crystal Tower First Ranger Talenor
Level 35 Tower of Crystal Thornbush
Level 42 Velyn the Unscarred
Level 50 Tariel the Phalanx
Level 7 Centaur Archer Tengu Samurai Ancient Relic Wall
Level 14 Archaic Relic Wall Centaur Guerrilla Feles Scout
Level 21 Relic Wall Tengu Bloodseeker Feles Assassin Master
Level 28 Fragile Relic Wall Wolfclan Battle Drum Chief Hrafn
Level 35 Battle Drum Halfblood Totem
Level 42 Fenris the Butcher
Level 50 Sky Reaver Vara
Level 7 Flame Whelp Chilled Adept Storm Whelp
Level 14 Blessed Drake Shadow Dragonkin Flame Drake
Level 21 Frost Dragon Stormy Disciple Blessed Dragon
Level 28 Draaksarus Pious Disciple Shadow Dragon
Level 35 Tharymaskus
Level 42 Tesalos
Level 50 Annie the Dragon King
Level 7 Angel Angelic Shield Cherubic Skirmisher
Level 14 Heaven's Judgement Angelic Steward Cherubic Archer
Level 21 Angelic Savior Angel Vanguard Angelic Flame
Level 28 Judge Raziel Virtuous Champion Cherubic Elite
Level 35 Judge Lenaya
Level 42 Judge Artimus
Level 50 Savior Carella
Level 7 Imp Stone Gargoyle Hellfire
Level 14 Pit Lord Bilious Ankheg Tremor Hellfire
Level 21 Greater Eye Obsidian Gargoyle Hellborn
Level 28 Pyro Herostratus Baphomet Champion Succubus Temptress
Level 35 Pestilence Kra'gash
Level 42 Aeneas the Scourge
Level 50 Merciless Mareth

Reputation Levels Edit

Level Total Exp Exp to
Next Level
Rates Exp Gain
001,2000All cards
11,2001,3000.4All Cards
22,5001,5000.8All Cards
34,0001,6001.2All Cards
45,6001,9001.6All Cards
57,5002,3002All Cards
69,8002,8002.4All Cards
712,6003,3002.8All Cards
815,9003,8003.2All Cards
919,7004,5003.6All Cards
1024,2005,2004All Cards
1129,4006,1004.4All Cards
1235,5007,0004.8All Cards
1342,5008,0005.2All Cards
1450,5009,1005.6All Cards
1559,60010,4006All Cards
1670,00011,7006.4Good and Higher
1781,70013,2006.8Good and Higher
1894,90014,6007.2Good and Higher
19109,50016,7007.6Good and Higher
20126,20018,6008Good and Higher
21144,80023,7008.4Good and Higher
22168,50026,4008.8Good and Higher
23194,90029,4009.2Rare and Higher
24224,30033,5009.6Rare and Higher
25257,80037,30010Rare and Higher
26295,10041,50010.4Rare and Higher
27336,60046,30010.8Rare and Higher
28382,90052,80011.2Rare and Higher
29435,70085,10011.6Rare and Higher
30520,800112,20012Epic and Higher
31633,000132,50012.4Epic and Higher
32765,500156,40012.8Epic and Higher
33921,900177,30013.2Epic and Higher
341,099,200198,10013.6Epic and Higher
351,297,300219,00014Legendary and Higher
361,516,300302,10014.4Legendary and Higher
371,818,400374,70014.8Legendary and Higher
382,193,100447,20015.2Legendary and Higher
392,640,300519,10015.6Legendary and Higher
457,149,7001,126,10018Tokens only
468,275,8001,238,80018.4Tokens only
479,514,6001,327,20018.8Tokens only
4810,841,8001,445,40019.2Tokens only
4912,287,2001,535,70019.6Tokens only
5013,822,900 -- 20 --

Tips Edit

To get the maximum reputation use the 30 cards in your deck and play with the cards that have highest rarity. Farming zone 1.1 gives as much reputation as any other zone and as such is the fastest way of grinding reputation.

Doing zone 1-10 extra times gives a one time reputation bonus. I would suggest waiting with collection that bonus till you got at least level 35 in the reputation class. After reputation level 35 reputation only come legendary(and godlike (if you ever got any) cards and hard bosses and tower.

Using only rep tokens (bought at Tower Shop for 1 tower-coin each), to go directly from:
30 to 35 takes 78 tokens,
30 to 42 takes 390 tokens,
35 to 42 takes 313 tokens,
40 to 42 takes 127 tokens,
42 to 50 takes 941 tokens.  

30 to 50 takes 1331 tokens,
35 to 50 takes 1253 tokens,
40 to 50 takes 1067 tokens, and
45 to 50 takes 668 tokens.  

1383 tokens would theoretically take you all the way from level 1 to 50, but they can't be used until rep-level 30. The halfway mark for total rep experience to get to level 50 is just before reaching level 45.  At level 30 you are about 4% of the way to the end, and about 1/3 of the way there at level 42.  

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