Sylvi Bladesoul
Version 1.1-1.3
Race Halfblood normal icon Halfblood
Type Sylvi
Damage Type Melee Melee
Left Arrow

Sylvi Bladesoul used to be the core creature most players defeated King's Mausoleum with, before 2017.  A priest will give her the Sanctuary buff and a warrior will apply Heroic buffs to her.  The Heroics will provide her with a massive damage boost due to her Triple Strike, and can easily defeat the boss.

Card Details
Rank CD Attack Health Ability Ability

Star3 5 1 10 Triple Strike
Fleet Foot
Star4 5 1 12 *See above
Star5 5 2 12 *See above
Star6 5 2 17 *See above
Star7 5 3 17 *See above
*NOTE: Fields that contain the text *See above means the effect remains the same until said otherwise.

Illustration without background of Sylvi Bladesoul

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