Rise of Mythos town

This is the town of Silver Heron Ridge, the town where everything begins.. and everything revolves around. As lord protector of Silver Heron Ridge, you’ll make use of many of the amenities the city offers and help plot out future upgrades to city infrastructure to keep you and your armies in battle ready condition.

While in Silver Heron Ridge you also have access to a hotkey bar that grant you access to the bar on the bottom of the screen known as the Menu.

City HallEdit

The main building of the town where buildings can be upgraded by paying crystals. Also taxes can be collected to increase silver and crystals.

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Alchemy LabEdit

The alchemy lab is where players can combine, extract and fuse cards together.

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This is where players can make silver, gain experience and find crystals while offline by going on expeditions.

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Items can be upgraded or enchanted here.

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Where players can challenge bots or real players to 1v1, 2v2 and 4v4 matches.

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Challenge HallEdit

Players can fight bosses in the building.

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Auction HouseEdit

Where players can offer their cards to other players in exchange for Rubies . Players may bid on cards using Gold

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Guild HallEdit

Here players can see their guild's members and ranking. They also can donate silver to help their guild grow and level up.

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Ranking BoardEdit

Players can see their ranking here.

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Ascension TowerEdit

By using a Tower Ticket
Tower Ticket
Tower Ticket
Type: Item
Rank: Rare
Allows the holder to challenge the Ascension Tower once.
Sell price:  50 Silver
, players can challenge different bosses and move up toward higher floors of the tower and gain crystal packs.

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