This whole campaign will be about archers, towers and pegasi riders. In the number of plenty. A fearsome challenge what includes Hero's Bane thrown at you like mountains.

Stage 1

This one is fast and furious, very similar to Windy Hill Stage 1. The biggest problem is to counter the first wave, what reach you fast and tends to fill up your spawn pods, what is critical.

Pegasi rush is especially annoying, as it is VERY hard to prevent them flying over your troops, land right at the face of yours, and stuck there killing you.

The good news is, pegasi are cavalry, so elven spearman work excelent against them.

The bad news is, elvens are fragile, so you'll need tanks. And when I mean tanks I mean heavily armoured (against physical damage), high HP creatures.

I don't rly know how a rly good deck looks like for this, but the above is what your TEAM must counter. Otherwise the speed of the level is similar to Windy Pass. Sanctuary rules here, and if you can deal with the pegasis, Desperate Soul, Dread Wraith and such can hold up the archers. Too bad the good tanks come all with very high cooldown.

A tip though: sanctuary on a LONGBOW archer at the very back of your lines can hold up and make a lot of kill in itself, whatever comes in that line.

Also: do not waste your direct damage in the first turn when nothing can damage you. In the 3-4th turn is when the AI will cast its buffs (serious extra damage, and it has plenty) - hold your fireworks until then if possible.

Deck-size: 15

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