Oh the mighty Ogres.

All hails the Might Ogre Twins.

Well, they are actually nothing special.

They have many cards for sure, and zounds of spells (skill cards) even more sure, what they'll mostly waste on their walls (fortunatelly).

For this one the only thing you need is plenty of strong cards.

There are two parts you have the chance to fail this mission. Neither is at Stage 1.

The first is when the bottom guy first starts to spawn out zounds of ogres - that's right after their walls get destroyed.

Did I emphasized enough alread DO NOT TOUCH THE WALLS?

The second is Ragnar. If Ragnar comes out with mighty support, plenty of life, and boosters on its head till his ears are read - your nose will bleed until you manage to dispose him, if your team will at all be able.

Actually there are 2-3 Ragnars at the enemy, but only the very first one is what will cause noticable problems.

The other, green-aura Sawtooth miniboss is hardly any noticable at all at this point.

Actually, after Shimmering Cave, this battle is actually more easier then Dark Forest, as here you can do whatever damage you want as long as it is a big punch.

On the sidenote: some undead units with Fear ability might come useful in case you'll find yourself in serious trouble. Can win your team a turn, or remove the threat of imediate death. IF you turn lucky. Hope you won't ever need to try this.

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