This part has 3 stages: campfire 5 (I think), the rest, and the final campfire.

The stage starts with a good old cavalry rush from the AI, with the difference its deck will contain some cavalry with 3 damage, so it is very hard to be able to completly block out the incoming damage, so instead mix in some supporting damage units (big things as second row, area damage from cerberuses, ranged units). Anyway, you must be familiar with this tactic already, so not too much surprise here (aside that your units will die in numbers probably, no longer being able to keep all of them alive).

With this done a long row of vigilance + healer decks come, what are although annoying, but way not unhandleable. If your units can run in along the enemy, or can block out the damage, or heal back it, or simply massacre the whole of them, you'll win.

The real problem comes at the end: the final campfire will throw you a deck half made from epic cards, some 5/6 creatures and so on. One of the epic summons every turn a 4/2 cavalry just to make you feel miserable. But assuming you made a half-decent deck what could massacre its way until this point without sweeting blood, and kept your activity high (most likely including buying card-packs in the shop regularly), thus got from the weekly chests at least 1-2 four star (= epic) cards, then you will eventually be able to pass this.

But to make it through you'll have to think upon your strategy knowing your deck. What would worth more: advancing one place in the first row, or killing the thing in the other one turn sooner? Would it be wise to clear your way by that direct-damage card, or you'll be better off making sure you'll receive less damage from the enemy creatures by re-arranging them (either by killing, or by a ranger tactical spell)? Fortunately - unlike in PvP - the turns can last infinite, so you have time to think the situations through.

And the reward for clearing the area is probably your first second-tier weapon.

People around here tend to be lvl 30+, and lack the ablity to clear Windy Pass, thus lacking chance for equipment they are probably intnded to go around with. Nevertheless, this area still not demand you impossible tasks.

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