After ghosts and bats now you'll face hounds.

Hounds are really hard opponents causing area damage. The only solution is to hack'em up mercilessly, what is only possible if you don't let them hit you before you reach them. This means allowing them a little bit closer before sending out your troops.

Of course as hounds tend to have ok HP, and not just hit multiply row, but their breath hit snything on the two hexes before them, they are problematic.

They also tend to have Vigilance, what means you really have to kill all the enemies around.

Resistances (probably your only source at this point are pegasi) won't be much help though, lacking in number, and because of flying. But might worth a try.

After the hounds you'll again face some ghosts- just use the existing strategy.

Bigger problem is campfire 7.8, where hounds, wraiths (those things which have the look of Desperate Soul, only here won't be any DS) and ghouls combined their forces. This is just sheer annoyance of a balanced deck on the AI's side.

Fortunately this lasts again only to 1 campfire, then again the main source of problem will be ghosts, just for the hack of it.

The final campfire is what'll make you really re-design your deck, as the dreaded Desperate Soul will appear. One in every stage of the campfire, and maybe two at the last stage. The best idea is to include some elemental damage. Unfortunately Holy Damage is scarce in the game, especially with good amount of damage dealt. Not to mention - just to make your life miserable - around 1/3rd of the battle Armageddon spell will be cast. No idea which side will cast it (you'll have an AI ally), but it is sheer annoyance, because you have to play out cards to hold up the enemy preventing damage to your hero. And that Armageddon tends to avoid the DS.

The battles are far from impossible (if you bought cards every day you probably have enough things to choose from), but challenging the least. At least the final fight is a well-desinged hard-difficulty fight. Too bad there aren't good reward-cards anywhere.

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