As at the second half of Area 7 started, the trend of more frequent changes between campfires from now on become a rule.

Also each campfire from now on will mean 4 battles, no exception.

You start here against Vampires, which unit have Weaken ability. They1ll appear ina  massive amount, so disposing them is main concern for now. I used werewolves and elf archers for this.

The second campfire deals out a lot of nasty things: martyr zombies and ghosts as creatures, Petrify and Fog of War as skill cards. Notice that the enemy has no vigilance. The martyrs are annoying by the way, and will always remain that. Aphrodena can help you out in case you infiltrate a heroic unit dispelling the potential petrification.

Watch out for Fog of War, as it is both a threat and a welcomed ally, making your units get closer to the enemy. A gamble what you should try to turn to your advantage.

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