For the change the 5th campfire here throws you sprinting dogs. If you thought like me these critters have no reason, you were mistaken. Their low cooldown and speed makes them certanly annoying.

The last wave includes 50% cerberi instead of physical damage dogs making it hard to survive here. The number of cards the AI has also incrises rapidly between stages, making it hard to outnumber them. This last thing is true from the entirity of the remaining part of this area.

For the 6th campfire you'll face a Chief Ironhide (4 armor) played out imediatelly against you. IF you are lucky, the Chief will block the advance of bats - the eclusive creatures for this campfire. These are far from the previously encountered bats - these are poisonous. Their plague kills just as surely as relal ife cholera.

For the 7th cmapfire it is again bats, so no surprise there - and n Chief Ironhide either. Notice they don't have vigilance!

The 8th campfire is where you start the fight with a real disadvantage. Bone Walls stand in your ways, while ghosts and vampires shoot elemental damage onto you. The biggest problem is breaching the walls, while you are shot, the walls resurrect themselves, and the vampires even weaken your units (hopefully you remember how to remove your own creatures).

The remaining two campfires are the boss-stages, leaving them to an upcoming post.