The last two campfires are real boss-fights. Heck, even every stages of them is the bossfight, making you practically fight the same fight over and over, preparing you to fight the already done areas again and again for reputation bonuses.

What you'll meet here are vampires with vampirism (so not weaken), Vampire King (an even bigger vampire of the same type),

And for the last stage of the 9th campfire a combo of Prince Serka with Princess Sarya will be thrown at you initially.

This means bringing anything under 6 HP is useless.

The only way to win this fight I found this: Bring BIG units with both big attack and HP, and let your cards accumlate in your hand while you let the two boss-card coming towards you. Luckily the Princess is ranged unit, so in the end there'll be a gap between the two creature, making you able to put down a Feles Assassin Master, what with its initiative will kill Princess Sarya, making you able to play out your cards, and gain back your HPs lowered by Sarya.

This tactic's disadvantage is unfortunatelly, that'll be timed from this point, as Serka will damage you 2 HP per turn, unremovable. This not mean though you should not use Werewolves.

Prince Serka with its counterattack + lifedrain ability is probably too strong to deal with for anyone, because it can rise its HP over its maximum easily.

The suggested tactic to win the part after dealing with Sarya is using big damage, fast units. Vigilance units can't really win against Sherka who gains back 2 HP from each damage it suffers, and vigilance units can't really do more than that anyway. Wishing u luck with this!

The 10 campfire only has Prince Serka, but magae to be even harder. ThePrince is accompanied by ghosts and vampires. Do NOT remove your own walls, but destroy enemy walls ASAP as well as Serka. He must die, while Sarya, who fights on your side (keeping her alive is being helped by the fact she is ranged) must be kept alive.

The Princess MUST live, else the number of ghosts, wraiths and more will overwhelm you. Brining high damage melee units are suggested. Some sprint ability comes also good (think on the reward-dogs if you don't have werewolves) to get ahead of Sarya.