Say good bye to the story, as that is no longer included :(

Also note, that practically each and every campfire, and soon even every stage of every campfire might require a new deck. And the AI will mostly have legendary (5 star) cards. Scary.

The reward for completing the area is also so left behind you don't believe (a Destruction set helm).

The only good news here is, that the tip section is usually helpful. Won't make you win the stages, but will give you a general idea what deck you'll need to make.

Also note, that the rewards are crap, although you'll probably need to passthis area to be able to participate in Castle of Bones (Centaur Generals).

With that said, let's see the campfires:


The start is relatively easy: templars, healer-priests, archers, armored people (like guards)... So the AI plays heavily defensive. Either rip the through them with werewolves, or use the "qquantity over quality" approach with undeads. You know your cards, so from the knowledge on the enym you should make your own deck.


Squires, Templars (=vigilance stuff) and heroic cavalry. All critter does 2 damage, so some heavy armour (hint: lizards) can give you a cheesey victory.


pegasi + standard human cavalry. This means a dangerous rush of low cooldown. There's even a black pegasi giving +1 attack to all units. Heavily luck based, and extremly heavy for the rank of the enemies.

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