So we left at the 4th campfire, let's cntinue from there:


It is interesting how much a pegasi + archer deck work differently from the previious pegasi + cavalry deck.

I suggest fast things to be able to reach the nasty archers. And of courtse there's the problem of the pegasi... So maybe it would not be unreasonable to get a Chief Hfarnar to your deck ofr this if you can.


Starts as the mini-version of Castle of Bones presenting lots of Heroe's Bane units, but at the later stages it gets much more complicated for three things: there are two unique legendary cards here, the more dangerous being Ryli the White Which. She single-handedly can drawn into blood your entire deck, so I feel lucky to have many werewolves.

The other elite is equally annyoying, but more killable. The other really dangerous thing is a horde of walls: the AI can drop down in one turn 2 Tower Crystal, a Thornbush, 1-2 archer-tower, as well as 2 human walls. Getting rid of this is practically impossible, especially if Ryli protects them. So this campfire is in many ways about Real Life Luck.


The enemies here are: feles, centaur archers and sprint dogs. So they can deal out damage big time, but kinda voulnerable.

I suggest a handful of vigilance units for this, either from the elves or the zombies. the elves probably have lower cooldonw, thus prefereed. These are to kill the breaching enemy. The rest of your group should either be heavily defensive tanks for counterrush, or rush creatures as the enemy don't have anything for those you manage to get through. Gl!

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